Failed Technology Products

Failed Technology Products – In the world there are so many products that people focus on. But not all products become what they want, there are also some technology products that fail to be produced. The following are the most failed technology products of the 21st century.

1. Google Glass

When it was announced in April 2012, many thought that Google Glass would be a game-changer in the technology industry. Google Glass itself is described as a sophisticated Android powered glasses that offer access to the internet, maps, calendar, camera and more.

But unfortunately, due to the high price (in the range of US $ 1,500) and the lack of clarity about the purpose and how the smart glasses can replace smartphones, Google Glass was finally ignored with sales that were far from what was expected.

2. MoviePass

In short, MoviePass allows its users to watch movies in theaters every day using a low-cost monthly subscription system. While it looks like something that is very beneficial for users or viewers, the opposite is felt by cinema managers such as AMC who consider MoviePass to be detrimental to them. Due to the collaboration that ended “stagnated” with several cinema managers, MoviePass finally began to lose its users and in September 2019, officially closed.

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3. Quibi

Still from one of the technology products related to the entertainment industry, just like MoviePass, Quibi also failed in the market and ended up “dead”. For foreigners, Quibi is a streaming service for mobile devices that provides a variety of short video content in the range of 7 minutes.

Quibi was first released in April 2020. However, due to ongoing operational problems and viewership numbers that did not even come close to initial expectations, Quibi was finally shut down after only six months of being “live”.

4. Amazon Fire Phone

The Amazon Fire Phone was very promising when it was first announced in June 2014. With Amazon being loved by many, it’s easy for the Fire Phone to quickly grab the interest of potential users. But unfortunately, the innovations they promised actually backfired for themselves.

Fire Phone has been criticized because innovations such as the 3D UI are considered nothing more than a gimmick and there are not as many applications as those on Android or iOS. After 1 year of release, the Fire Phone finally stopped production in August 2015.…

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