Facts about Huawei Tablets You Must Know 

Facts about Huawei Tablets You Must Know 

Facts about Huawei Tablets You Must Know – Recently, a well-known gadget brand that is quite popular, namely Huawei has just released a tablet with very sophisticated specifications.

Are you looking for a tablet for work or school from home? Before buying it you need to know about Huawei tablets. Yep, you didn’t read it wrong. Huawei besides having smartphones, there are tablets too. This is perfect for those of you who want to increase productivity.

Because you don’t need to worry anymore about using a Huawei tablet because it is equipped with various software and hardware that can support your activities.

1. To study or work from home? Google Class Room and Zoom available

When a pandemic occurs, tablets are indeed one of the tools to support students to be more creative even though they are studying from home. Because at this time with distance learning it is necessary to have support so that they can absorb knowledge to the maximum. Now Huawei tablets can download Zoom and Google Class Room which is always used between teachers and students.

You can use Google Class Room with Huawei Mobile Services on Huawei tablets by searching in the AppGallery and then clicking ‘open’. After that add the Quick application and click the tree button at the top right then click add to desktop. Then, just fill in your Google account. Easy as that! To make it easy, check the image below.

2. Need other supporting applications? Available in AppGallery

Eits, Huawei tablets also have various other applications that can help increase your productivity through the AppGallery. Through this AppGallery you can download the applications you need, for example in the banking category, BNI Mobile Banking, BCA Mobile Banking, OCTO Mobile, BSI, Livin by Mandiri, and others are also available. Not to forget, for transportation there are My BlueBird and Grab applications.

In the e-commerce sector for you online sellers, there are also Tokopedia Seller App, Tokopedia, Blibli, JD ID, Lazada, Bukalapak, Shopee, and many more. So you don’t have to worry anymore because every category also exists. Curious what else? Listen to the bottom.

3. There is also a category for entertainment applications

There’s no need to be late and grumble anymore if you’re tired of studying and working. On the Huawei tablet, there are also your favorite entertainment applications such as Vidio, RCTI +, MaxStream, iflix, UseeTV Go, and others. This way tired after doing activities can go. Sayonara stressed!

Besides that, of course, to watch entertainment, you definitely need internet quota, right? You can also manage and buy it through the provider application that you use. Because AppGallery has also provided in the telecommunication app category such as My Telkomsel, MyIM3, My XL, My XL Postpaid, and Bima+. So, no need to bother anymore. Interesting, right?

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4. For the performance of the Huawei tablet, there is no need to doubt it

With various devices attached to Huawei, it is certain that it will always support learning or working from home activities. With the Kirin chipset developed by Huawei itself, 6GB of RAM, and internal memory that can be selected as needed, the performance of this Huawei tablet is very comfortable to use. For the screen size and thin bezels it also looks very aesthetic.

In addition, it is also equipped with a 7200 mAh battery and also wireless charging for easy charging. It can even reverse charging to take power from a tablet to a cellphone or other Huawei device.

Most suitable when you also use the magnetic keyboard. Because, it is very helpful for typing to take notes or do something. The buttons are very comfortable and make work smooth. Not to forget, you can also use the M pencil provided by Huawei. This pencil can help you to make notes by mind mapping or visually. Interesting, right?

5. 9.8% market share, Huawei ranks 4th globally

Well, you also need to know that Huawei in 2020, shipped 16 million tablets worldwide and made Huawei have a 9.8% market share worldwide and was ranked 4th globally.

Huawei tablet sales also continued to grow rapidly from 2018 to 2021. In 2018 it was 9 million units, 50% YoY (2.3 million in China and 6.7 million overseas); 2019 was 11.1 million, 23% YoY (7.3 million overseas, 3.8 million China); 2020 is 15.3 million, 36% YoY (7.1 million China, 6.6 million overseas GMS tablets, and 1.3 million HMS tablets overseas); 2021 is 16.3 million, 8% YoY (7.8 million China, 8.5 million HMS tablets overseas).