8 Of The Best And Most Famous Computer Brands Of All Time

8 Of The Best And Most Famous Computer Brands Of All Time

8 Of The Best And Most Famous Computer Brands Of All Time – Talking about computers, of course you will be treated to many brands from different manufacturers. They also promise many advantages, but along with these promises can not be fulfilled. Rarely is there a brand that provides innovation and has a consistency that satisfies customers. Only a few brands whose products become legends and then exist from time to time. Actually, desktop computers have become an old market, but now the company’s competition is getting tougher because of the many manufacturers that have sprung up. Brands that can provide satisfaction and continue to innovate are the ones that will last longer. For those who are looking for a desktop computer. The following are the best computer brands of all time that can be recommended:

1. Apple

The best computer brand of all time was first occupied by Apple. What makes Apple a brand that occupies the first position of the best laptop in the world is because every product released by this company has specifications that are never half-hearted, such as 8GB of RAM. The design is very elegant, so many people like it. In addition to producing computers and laptops, Apple also produces smartphones called the iPhone.

2. Dell

In the computer market, Dell’s computer products and notebooks have a special place in the hearts of consumers. In fact, Dell already has many loyal customers consisting of large, medium, small, or individual business groups. Dell further strengthens its existence by presenting a monitor that is touch screen and an all-in-one hybrid tablet. In addition, Dell is also known as a manufacturer that offers a variety of products which can be tailored to the needs of consumers.

3. Asus

The best computer brand of all time is then occupied by Asus. Besides being experienced, Asus is also one of the largest component manufacturers in the world. Laptops and computers from the Asus brand itself continue to appear with various types from time to time. The quality is unquestionable and the innovations are always new. With tireless hard work, Asus has become the best laptop computer brand in the world that is never timeless.

4. Lenovo

Lenovo is different from Dell in that apart from producing laptops and computers, Lenovo also produces smartphones. Although not focused, the company that was founded in 1985 occupies a significant position and beats several other computer brands. Currently, the users of Lenovo notebooks and computers are increasing due to their increasingly elegant designs and continuously innovating to increase customer satisfaction.

5. MSI

MSI skyrocketed and instantly became famous thanks to gamers. This computer has high specifications and is suitable for playing games. One of the specifications that makes this MSI much in demand is because it has 8GB of RAM so that for playing games, loading will be fast without lag.

6. Hp

HP is not an abbreviation for handphone but for Hewlett-Packard. This information technology company was founded in 1939 by two people whose last names were used as brands, namely Bill Hewlett along with Dave Packard. Currently HP computers and laptops are also widely used in Indonesia, apart from the lower price, the performance of HP is not too bad.

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7. Samsung

In the smartphone world, Samsung is indeed a very well-known brand, but for laptops and PCs this brand occupies a less than good position. Even so, Samsung is diligent in releasing the latest types of laptops so that it becomes one of the most diligent brands in innovating.

8. Toshiba

The last best computer brand is occupied by Toshiba. This brand comes from Japan and is well known all over the world. Unfortunately for this Toshiba brand, which is famous for its televisions and refrigerators even though they also produce desktops.

Those are some of the best computer brands of all time that can be recommended, hopefully this information is useful.